Adult rock and Americana radio promotion and Tour Support

We get exposure for artists and their music by helping to get their songs played on Triple A and Americana radio stations around the U.S., and by booking them for in-studio performances and interviews.


Spacebomb is an amazing musical collective in Richmond, Virginia that features Matthew. E. White and Natalie Prass. White has created a studio with a distinct sound in part because there are so many great players living in the area. To learn more, check out this piece from The Guardian and watch Matthew's lyric video to his new single, "Rock and Roll Is Cold."

Half Crazy

The Barr Brothers turned in a stellar performance at WFUV recently, and the station is doing some of the best performance video in the biz these days. This living, breathing version of the single, "Half Crazy," showcases the song's range and texture.

Head to WFUV's site to see an equally compelling rendition of "Even the Darkness Has Arms." 

Low Key

Check out this entertaining clip for Tweedy's new single, "Low Key," with lots of fun cameos. Jeff and Spencer Tweedy are told by their major label chief that, due to shrinking revenues, they'll need to hit the street to sell their music themselves. They attempt to do so door-to-door!


We love Sean Rowe's amazing, soulful voice and lyrical vision. Check out this video for his new single, "Madman," filmed while on a tour of house parties. The album (named after the single) streets on September 9th. 

Dan Wilson

We love Dan Wilson's music. He's one of the best songwriters alive and a gifted calligrapher, too. Check out his work here on "A Song Can Be About Anything," from his forthcoming Love Without Fear.


We're crazy about PHOX, a band from Madison, Wisconsin. We saw them play at SXSW in March. You'll be hearing a lot from them in 2014. Here's a tease...

SXSW 2014

Many of us made the voyage to Austin again for South by Southwest. As always, there was an abundance of wonderful new talent to see and hear, but also a growing presence of uncredentialed Spring Break kids in search of good times and free booze. That mix can be toxic, and has felt like it was heading for a cliff for the past several years of the festival, culminating this year by a local drunk driver in a stolen car killing three people in a crowd outside a club, injuring many more. There are interesting takes on the state of the conference in the New York Times by David Carr and Manny Ferdandez and Jon Pareles.


The Academy Awards

We love movies and get more enjoyment from watching the Oscars than any other awards show. Sure, the Golden Globes are entertaining as they combine TV and film and serve alcohol while stars sit around tables trying to out-glow one another. But let's face it: the Oscars are king and always will be. If you're planning a party and want an easy Oscar ballot, here it is. The show is Sunday night.