Adult rock and Americana radio promotion and Tour Support

We get exposure for artists and their music by helping to get their songs played on Triple A and Americana radio stations around the U.S., and by booking them for in-studio performances and interviews.

Winning Streak

Glen Hansard's delightful new collection of songs will appear on Didn't He Ramble, which arrives on September 18th. The first single was released today. Here's the video for the encouragingly optimistic "Winning Streak."

Midnight Grambler

Nicki Bluhm has more charm than you can shake a stick at, and it shines in her new video (which also happens to feature Melanie Lynskey from Up in the Air and Two and a Half Men, as well as Parenthood's Jason Ritter). Nicki and her band the Gramblers are out on an extensive tour throughout the summer and fall, including a number of festival dates. 

And just what is a grambler, you ask? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, "Grambling is a slang term whose exact origins are unknown, but is generally thought to have originated in California as a combination of "gambling" and "rambling." It can describe living an unconventional, adventurous and sometimes risky lifestyle associated with traveling, independence, playing music, and having fun, and can be a catchall synonym for any and all of these activities. Gramblers are spirited and fun-loving, rough around the edges, and tend to disregard societal norms in favor of a good time." Sounds like an awfully good moniker for this band to me.

Synchronicity II

It's wonderful to be seeing the fantastic early reception that the young band Hippo Campus is getting from Triple A radio. Their recent performance on CONAN came directly on the heels of SXSW, where Conan's booker Jim Pitt heard them for the first time in our New Music Meeting panel. We're proud that they met the opportunity with so much gusto! You can read the backstory to this "discovery" on the Current's blog.


Spacebomb is an amazing musical collective in Richmond, Virginia that features Matthew. E. White and Natalie Prass. White has created a studio with a distinct sound in part because there are so many great players living in the area. To learn more, check out this piece from The Guardian and watch Matthew's lyric video to his new single, "Rock and Roll Is Cold."

Half Crazy

The Barr Brothers turned in a stellar performance at WFUV recently, and the station is doing some of the best performance video in the biz these days. This living, breathing version of the single, "Half Crazy," showcases the song's range and texture.

Head to WFUV's site to see an equally compelling rendition of "Even the Darkness Has Arms."