Adult rock and Americana radio promotion and Tour Support

We get exposure for artists and their music by helping to get their songs played on Triple A and Americana radio stations around the U.S., and by booking them for in-studio performances and interviews.

Howdy, folks!


This year’s Music Meeting at Americana-fest 2016 takes place on Thursday, September 22nd from  3:30to  5:00 pm in  the Davidson Room at the Sheraton Downtown Nashville Hotel. For first-timers, this session simulates meetings that take place every day as gatekeepers at radio stations and elsewhere make tough decisions about which songs to play and what to leave behind. We’ll play a dozen great songs which everyone in the room will score and discuss. It’s always informative, exciting, good-natured and fun. 


We’re looking for the best new music to showcase for radio, satellite, internet programmers and music bloggers and this is where you come in. If you have great new music that has not yet been sent to radio (and won't be before September 20th), please send it for consideration. We prefer digital but will accept physical submissions. Make sure your digital files are accurately marked for downloading into iTunes . And please clearly note that your submission is for the Music Meeting and designate a focus track if you have one. We’ll reach out to you if we need more information. And we will let you know before the meeting if your song has been chosen.


Cutoff date for submissions is September 15th. So don’t delay!

Please send to:

Sean Coakley
68 South Moger Avenue
Mount Kisco NY10549


Leslie Rouffe
3335 Mimosa Drive
Nashville TN 37211

Hope to see y’all in Nashville later this month!