It's time for us to find the best brand-new songs for the annual Songlines Americana Music Meeting, which will take place at AMERICANAFEST in Nashville on Thursday, September 12th from 3:30 - 5:00 pm at the Westin, in Vanderbilt room III.

We'll play 10 to 12 new songs for a packed roomful of radio programmers, artists, songwriters, consultants, syndicators, record label representatives, local radio listeners, and other music industry personnel. Everyone in the room will get to rate the tunes with a score from 1 to 10, and to talk about what they’ve just heard. The overarching conversation is positive because of the nature of this gathering (open-minded music seekers), as well as the fact that we pick from the best songs available.

This is where you come in. If you have great new music that has not yet been actively worked at radio (and won’t be before mid-September), please send it for consideration. We very strongly prefer digital downloads. (We need to be able to listen to your songs on our phones and car stereos, and we can guarantee that anything sent via a Soundcloud stream or a YouTube link will not capture the same amount of our attention as what we're able to download and playlist.) Your best bet is to send your songs as email attachments or to use a service such as Dropbox

Your music should also be labeled with the appropriate metadata (artist, song title, album title), so that it appears in iTunes properly. 

If you have chosen a single or a group of focus tracks, we want that information. And if you want to send something that you only have access to as a stream, don't be discouraged. Send it along and say that, but please indicate which tracks are being considered as single prospects.

Most importantly, please note that your submission is for the Americana Music Meeting, so that it doesn’t get lost. We request that your email includes information detailing when and how your music will be serviced to radio, plus an artist bio and street date. If we decide to use your track, we'll ask you for a WAV file. 

The cutoff date for submissions is September 6th. So please don't delay! We can’t wait to hear what you send.

Thanks, and we hope see you next month at AMERICANAFEST!!

Sean Coakley & Leslie Rouffe