These are the songs we played at this year's 2017 Americanafest Songlines Music Meeting:

Nora Jane Struthers "Each Season"

King Leg "
Your Picture"

Lisa LeBlanc "
You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do, Too)"

Dan Tyminski "
Southern Gothic"

Margo Price "
A Little Pain

Billy Bragg "Why Do We Build the Wall"

Joshua Hedley “
Don’t Waste Your Tears

Michigan Rattlers "
Sweet Diane"

Jake Bugg w/Noah Cyrus "

Steep Canyon Rangers "
Going Midwest"

Caroline Reese "

Lydia Loveless "

Field Report "
Never Look Back"

Jon Langford "
Half Way Home"

As always, a big thanks to all the artists/labels/managers/agents/radio programmers/friends who sent more than 250 songs for consideration!