Midnight Grambler

Nicki Bluhm has more charm than you can shake a stick at, and it shines in her new video (which also happens to feature Melanie Lynskey from Up in the Air and Two and a Half Men, as well as Parenthood's Jason Ritter). Nicki and her band the Gramblers are out on an extensive tour throughout the summer and fall, including a number of festival dates. 

And just what is a grambler, you ask? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, "Grambling is a slang term whose exact origins are unknown, but is generally thought to have originated in California as a combination of "gambling" and "rambling." It can describe living an unconventional, adventurous and sometimes risky lifestyle associated with traveling, independence, playing music, and having fun, and can be a catchall synonym for any and all of these activities. Gramblers are spirited and fun-loving, rough around the edges, and tend to disregard societal norms in favor of a good time." Sounds like an awfully good moniker for this band to me.